Welcome to Hazelwood House

Welcome to Hazelwood House, a centre for families and young people.  It is a venue for a variety of residential educational and cultural courses as well as seminars and talks. 












Hazelwood House also hosts a very popular schoolgirls’ club and youth activities with national and international links.

This 19th century building, which was refurbished in 2010, was bought in 2003 with the help of DHEF –Scotland, an educational charity (SCO SC039512), and which continues to support on-going fundraising.

DHEF has a Christian ethos and in its activities promotes respect for the individual, personal freedom, self-confidence and responsible attitudes in professional, private and public life. It is supported by many who share the same ideals of service to society.

Activities in Hazelwood House are open to people from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.  Spiritual activities are conducted by Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church, for either men or women. 

Hazelwood House is set on the south side of Glasgow, close to the heart of the city, and well connected by air, road and rail to most parts of the country. 


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